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A Habakkukian Disposition

By Noah J. Craig

Even if I give my best and fail;

Even if my whole world seems to burn;

Even if I can’t make heads or tails;

Even if I am left to but yearn;

Even if death or life would assail;

Even if angels or demons call;

Even if present or future pale;

Even if any power would brawl;

Even if height or depth would swallow;

Even if all creation bellows—

I will rejoice in my

Strength who always hides

Me in the cleft of the high

Rock of Ages, and I

Know that nothing I

Face will be able to pry

Me from the love of my

Savior, even if it tried.


Noah J. Craig hopes his words will glorify the ultimate Author. His work has appeared in Ekstasis Magazine, Solum Journal, and The Penwood Review, among other publications. Originally from New England, he currently lives in Henderson, Nevada. If he’s not writing or reading or drinking coffee, he is most likely halfway up a mountain wishing he had more storage space on his camera. You can find him at or follow him @noahjcraig.


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