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Existential Exams

By Mark D. Stucky

Math problems, essay questions,

multiple choice, fill in the blanks…

Many are the tests we take

from grade school through grad school.

We also encounter challenging existential exams,

pop quizzes in the swirling whirlwinds of quotidian life,

tests of character, of the heart, of the soul,

that rarely have quick and easy solutions.

Resembling complex math problems,

they challenge us all to “show our work.”


Mark D. Stucky has degrees in religious studies, pastoral ministry, and communications. After being a pastor, he moved into communications and has been a technical and freelance writer for three decades. During his day job, he documented diverse technology products, including satellite communications and building automation controls. In free time, he’s written articles, stories, and poems on a variety of (usually spiritual) topics. He has received over three dozen writing and publication awards. Mark believes in following facts and faith, understanding other perspectives, preserving the earth, protecting the vulnerable, and saving the world (or at least trying to). For more writings, see


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