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Patience Fails Me

By Jordan Sleed

Good men have told me so much I no longer believe

And bad men have talked me down, so all I’ve got is me

And I don’t know which one I am, no, I can’t hold the Sea

So if there’s someone drowning in it, come and rescue me

I’ve lost the will to balance myself, lost the will to think

I’ve lost my sense of wondering what everything means

D’you think I might still qualify as someone who is free

If all that used to hold me up has been replaced by need?

‘Cause I’ve preaching to myself that there’s nothing I need

And, I know I meant well, but now I can’t stand poverty

So, fill me in, or let me win by falling underneath

‘Cause your patience fails me every time success is calling me


Jordan Sleed is an author and musician. Poetry and prose have helped him pray, and he is honored to share that gift with others who seek to experience life with God. He lives in Texas with his lovely wife, Jen, and their dog, Beni. You can read and find more of Jordan's work at


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