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By Debra Wendt

Mothers hold their children close away from windows

and the street.

Empty classrooms testify learning and laughter stricken

from the book of youth.

The moon has blotted out the sun amending order – once,

birdsong beckoned through forests;

crops waved beneath the gaze of a benevolent sun,

other countries knew oppressors; we saw peace

until as a newly built fire kindling flamed –

the admonishment, hold fast, I never understood

the commandment.

Impossible choices



join the fight – conflict follows an uncharted course.

The old speak of a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Commend me to that land.


Debra Wendt was born in and educated in Wisconsin. As a teacher, she wrote educational articles and textbooks. Her poems have appeared in Agape Review, Torrid Literature Journal and Storyteller.


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