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By Mike Hall

Kneeling before the altar … fervent prayers offered …

Tears drip onto the wood, added to the tears of others,

Drops of distress purged from an anguish-ridden soul,

Burdened with shame? guilt? sorrow? compassion?

Words lifted up, pleading to be heard.

Tears shed from genuine contrition;

Tears resulting from heart-rending contemplation;

Tears sending their salt-rimmed evidence of hope lifted up;

Tears sending their message to the heavenly throne.

Is God counting the tears being shed?

Tears of sincere gratitude … tears of exaltation …

Made in His image … filled with so many tear-inducing emotions,

These feelings a microcosm of how God feels for His creation.

If Jesus wept … does God?

In this moment is He shedding His own tears?

Tears of joy over a soul deep in conversation with Him –

Acknowledging His sovereignty …

Acknowledging His kindness and mercy …

Acknowledging His unwavering love, though undeserved …

Hasn’t this always been God’s greatest desire?


Mike Hall has authored two books of poems, Autumn's Back Porch and Thinking Out Loud. His work has appeared in Spirit Fire Review, Agape Review, Pure in Heart Stories, Foreshadow Magazine, Faith on Every Corner Magazine, Clayjar Review, and is scheduled to appear in Modern Reformation. It is his hope that his words bring joy and comfort, as well as thoughtful contemplation. He and his wife, Cynthia, live in the Dallas area.


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