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Whale Watching

By Danielle Page

I imagine your movements

Underneath the restless sea

That you tame with each

Thunderous, shattering call

And I, anchored, simply sit

and wait for Your appearance

That’s all You ask.

There—we spot it,

Your presence surfacing

From the depths.

You emerge, still hidden

For mercy’s sake,

But that glimpse, that flash

Like a tail reaching for the sun,

Is enough to gasp for salted air.

If I am soaked to the skin

By Your spray—

So be it.

Rippling waves, boat rocking,

I am here, drenched,

Scanning the depths,

asking for one more

Sighting, and another,

and another and...

Danielle Page is a truth-teller, writer, educator, and editor of the Clayjar Review. When she’s not reading up on composition theory, she’s scribbling in her moleskine journal or hiking a mountainous trail. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Whale Road Review, Celestite, The Raven Review, Dream Noir Magazine, The Amethyst Review, and Ekstasis Magazine. 


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