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About Us

Solid Food Press is a small press located in British Columbia, Canada.

“You are what you eat,” as the old saying goes.

Ever heard of a “media diet”? The term refers to the quality and quantity of information and entertainment that an individual regularly interacts with. Today, we call this interaction “consumption.” Simply Google the phrase, and you will find countless articles about how to develop a “healthy and balanced” media diet.

Everyone knows they should eat their veggies. And yet, we often deliberately choose empty diets of Starbucks and Cup-a-Noodles, and then wonder why we feel like garbage.

In the same way, the information and entertainment we choose to consume can have a similar effect. But again, like with our physical diets, we often reach for the media equivalent of a bag of chips, opening it up to find mostly air and trans fats: emptiness and heart-clogging nihility. Instead of diabetes and other health problems, our media consumption can develop into a different kind of cancer, that of confusion, anxiety, and hopelessness.


The question we need to be asking ourselves is this: are we eating solid food, that which gives us life, or are we consuming things that are leading us to an early grave?

Solid Food Press aims to help provide some nourishment.

The concept was inspired by Hebrews 5.13-14:

"Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil."


Our logo, if it’s not obvious already, references Scripture naming Jesus as the “bread of life” (John 6:35), thus furthering the notion of “solid food.”

This press believes that the gospel of Jesus is the only sure and solid thing we will ever have.

Therefore, the mission of this press is to partner with authors, poets, artists, and wordsmiths who are dedicated to the gospel, and through their work, aim to grow both themselves and others into mature disciples who love Christ, are committing to Scripture, and who use their God-given gifts to serve the Lord and the world at large. Solid Food is passionate about proclaiming the name of Christ in the secular and contemporary spheres, while also providing quality literature for the existing Christian community.



Content We're Looking For

We don't want white washed tombs

Solid Food looks to explore the diverse journeys of faith experienced by Christians through traditional and experimental poetry, prose, art, and non-fiction, and seeks to  partner with writers and artists who are not only faithful to Scripture, but who make an effort to stay transparent, honest, and unafraid of the dark, which is so often where Christ finds us. Solid Food is dedicated to unabashedly portraying the reality of the highs and lows of the Christian life. We want the glory and the lament, the faithful bride and the adulteress, the Promised Land and the exile. At Solid Food, we're not looking for perfection, but for the humble perspective that we are broken sinners made new in Christ, and that sanctification takes time and a whole lot of grace, from both God and each other.

This press is for writers who admire those such as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, Flannery O'Connor, Marilynne Robinson, Tania Runyan, Mary Oliver, Marie Howe, Scott Cairns, Wendell Berry, and Andrew Hudgins.

We accept
submissions for our literary journal and provide a editing and design services.


About the Operator


Brooke Dreger lives in a small-ish town in British Columbia, Canada. She is a graduate of Okanagan College’s Writing and Publishing Diploma, and is currently working on her BA in Theology at Prairie College, with the hopes of eventually receiving her Masters. Her work has been published in the Clayjar Review, as well as online and in the print edition of Ekstasis Magazine. More can be read on her Instagram @pursuing_metanoia. Her vision for Solid Food is to create a space for the Christian creative community that doesn’t fit cleanly into the often sanitized Christian publishing industry that operates today. She hopes that Solid Food can be a place where vulnerability and reality meet Scripture, where darkness meets light, and where people ultimately meet Jesus.


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