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Be holy, as He is holy, as what He sets apart is holy

By Jordan Zuniga

A sign of liberty where exiles once had dwelled,

When Pharaoh oppressed them harshly and their sorrow surely swelled,

Eaten in haste as blood splattered with hyssop as a people set apart,

Beloved by God the Father, straight from the Lord’s own heart,

To remember His covenant with Abraham, and faithful to His word forever,

A tradition kept as a perpetual ordinance, the Lord’s Passover,

Set apart in the wilderness alongside the staff of Aaron with the Lord’s very presence,

The ark of the covenant, the tablet of the ten commandments, with the Lord ever since,

Fed on in the wilderness, the bread of angels as sweet as honey,

Bought without silver or gold, feasted on without any price of money,

Not found in the mountaintop or the valley, or the forest or the savannah,

The Lord’s own bread for the Israelites, the bread of life, Manna.

A mighty river made to cease from flowing for the Israelites to pass through,

When they would go to the promised land a people they would subdue,

Twelve stones from the river as the ark of the covenant would pass,

As a sign for the Israelites to remember before the mass,

Twelve stones set apart as the Lord would have them recall,

When the Lord brought them out of Egypt with great signs and wonders, and stopped the River Jordan, oh Ruler of all!

The laws, the decrees, the statues given by a shepherd,

Faithful to his promise and according to God’s word,

Neither far away in the highest heavens, or down in the ocean depths where all is unclear,

For the word that was life was with them, it was near,

All being a parallel to the Messiah, the firstborn of all creation and where He dwell,

The King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Prince of peace, Emmanuel!

So if the Son of man makes you free being the perfect sacrifice, and is the bread of life,

Giving you strength to deal with the trials and tests, and is the cornerstone in our strife,

Shouldn’t we remember to heed the council from the faithful mediator and Shepherd?

Who is the living image of the invisible God, the Light of the world, the Living Word?

May Lord Jesus Christ have all the glory!


Jordan Zuniga is an emerging Christian and conservative poet, devotional, and creative writer. He has appearances on Christian Devotions, The Upper Room, Calla Press Publishing, Spectral Realms, the 504 Podcast, the Agape Review, the Clay Jar Review, The Penwood Review, Solid Food Press, and other appearances and upcoming appearances across different publications. He enjoys studying the bible and theology, honoring his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with His creativity, playing his clarinet and various performing arts, competitive gaming, and other various activities. He is as of this publication actively searching for representation from a literary agent to pursue traditional publication. Anyone interested in supporting his creative pursuits or inquiring literary agents who wish to offer representation can follow and contact him on Instagram and Instagram messenger @cccreativewriter.


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