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Held and comforted by your right hand

By Jordan Zuniga

Days so dark and dreary with sorrow and distress,

Are better carried throughout the ages with you at hand to bless,

Afflictions and wounds inflicted with agony and such loss,

Are restored with your tender mercies by the power of the cross,

Pain and torment are trophies when they are covered by where your grace would dwell,

So if I am to endure hardship, may my heart rejoice and suffer well,

Oh Lord enthroned between the cherubim who reigns on high,

Whose coming is inevitable and victory is all but nigh,

Let not my heart be discouraged by sorrow or weighed by fretting, anxious care,

Nor disheartened by any challenger who boldly comes to dare,

But let me turn to you in my need and lay my head upon your chest,

As commanded by the Lord of hosts, the Lord of the Sabbath’s rest,

For the times are yours as well as the seasons, you appoint all things throughout creation,

You measure the boundaries of kingdoms and overthrow the authority of every nation,

Therefore, let my heart not trust in the stratagems of an army or the power of the sword,

But let me hope in the power and majesty and wisdom of the sovereign Lord,

For it is you who comforts despite the trials that come to me,

So let me rejoice in your presence and praise the Lord against all that be!

May Lord Jesus Christ have all the glory!


Jordan Zuniga is an emerging Christian and conservative poet, devotional, and creative writer. He has appearances on Christian Devotions, The Upper Room, Calla Press Publishing, Spectral Realms, the 504 Podcast, the Agape Review, the Clay Jar Review, The Penwood Review, Solid Food Press, and other appearances and upcoming appearances across different publications. He enjoys studying the bible and theology, honoring his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with His creativity, playing his clarinet and various performing arts, competitive gaming, and other various activities. He is as of this publication actively searching for representation from a literary agent to pursue traditional publication. Anyone interested in supporting his creative pursuits or inquiring literary agents who wish to offer representation can follow and contact him on Instagram and Instagram messenger @cccreativewriter.


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