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Is Love a Question?

By Allen Helmstetter

There is this silence between us. Or

perhaps I am deaf to your quiet voice.

As I look for a token of transcendent cheer,

just as I am deaf, am I blind to your love?

I spoke once, but hearing nothing in return,

I ceased my questioning and shed my joy.

Still, can we walk together down this path of

suffering and pain, as longtime friends will do?

I think sometimes the boundaries of self and self

almost are breached by our mutual presence.

But is this what the mind makes of another mind—

a conjuring in a mirror of fractured faces?

I stand still and wonder if I should trust and

go on thinking the two of us are truly here.

The content of my being is unknown to me;

who can reveal it now without destruction?

We walk through a garden of gorgeous colors.

They are content in their substantial flowers.

Yellow, crimson, violet, blue—together with

the sun, do we make them shimmer so?

The netherworld of green slips of leaves

is calming in the sultry summer air, but

my heart leaps with a promise given—

Do you hear it, too, or is it forbidden?

Rich soil clings to the soles of our feet.

Our footprints prove that we exist here.

Now may we breathe this earthly air

made ages ago in the birth of stars?

I can touch your face like the sun

touches the tops of golden trees.

If I trust this gravity of atmosphere,

will I be delivered from my fears?


Allen Helmstetter lives in rural Minnesota, USA. He loves the rivers, woods, and fields there, and is often inspired to write about the relationship between nature, the divine, and the human condition. He has been published in Ariel Chart, Bulb Culture Collective, North Coast Review, ONE ART, and Willawaw Journal.

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19 jul 2023

Commitment in a relationship is always fearful. Will it work? Will it last? If both are committed, it will. The good times are easy. Love is tested when times get tough. That’s when the commitment must be just as strong as God’s commitment to stand by us. These words are very relatable to all of us.

Me gusta
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