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Lonely Flame

By Joy Nevin Axelson

I have crawled through the valley of shadows.

I have wept beneath flames in the night.

In the depths of my soul, You are making me whole.

Let me walk in the warmth of Your light.

And this beautiful, scandalous freedom of mine

has pruned off some branches and strengthened the vine.

While holding Your hand, I know my future’s planned

as we pass through this perilous land.

I am seeking to serve you, dear Master.

I am yearning to know my true self.

You're so patient with me as I'm learning to see

that my weaknesses are the King's wealth.

Lord, I've danced in my sun-dappled mem’ries -

my dreams relish the love I once knew.

Lord, please make my heart strong, for this journey I'm on

Proves my Savior is faithful and true.


Joy Nevin Axelson earned a B.A. and an M.A. in French. She also attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She’s the translation coordinator for GlobalFingerprints, the EFCA’s child sponsorship branch. Her translations of training materials are used at 14 international sites. She enjoys traveling with her husband and two older children.


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