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Thy Works

By Michael Shoemaker

Thy works are beyond

the tallest mountain peaks

lowest ocean trenches

densest planets’ cores

thinnest clouds’ layers

smallest microbial existence

largest galaxy superclusters

coldest snowmelt streams

hottest sun surfaces

sincerest thoughts

gentlest feelings


Image: "Two Southern Utah Peaks," captured by Michael Shoemaker


Michael Shoemaker is a poet, writer, and photographer. His writing has appeared in Ancient Paths Literary Journal, The Clayjar Review, Front Porch Review, Littoral Magazine, Pure Slush: Achievement Anthology and elsewhere. He lives in Magna, Utah with his wife, and son where he enjoys looking out on the Great Salt Lake every day. Michael enjoys hiking, pickleball and tennis. He is looking forward to poems being published in Poetry Pacific Anthology in 2024. His online photography portfolio is at


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